AZEL PHARMA has a comprehensive training system to upgrade employees’ qualifications.

All personnel engaged in the Manufacture, processing & packing of product has the necessary education, training and experience.

The training system is based upon providing a training curriculum for each job title and documenting the actual training in employees records. Training requirements are determined according to the employee’s assigned duties. Each department head identifies training needs for individuals within that department. The assessment is carried out to establish needs for knowledge, where training will bring about an improvement in performance.

Each employee involved in the manufacture (production, quality control, Storage,…) of drug products receives basic and continuous training in cGMP and in his/her Job duties according to the Job Title Training Requirement (JTTR).

Organizational Departments and Sections Number of Employees
General Manager 01
Technical Manger 01
Administration 40
Operations department 164
Quality control department 23
Quality assurance department 09
Commercial department 19
Total 256

In-house training:

GMP: This part covers the principles of Good Manufacturing Practices that the trainee needs to understand and implement through his work.

Functional, SOP: This part covers the standard operating procedures the trainee needs to read, understand and implement through his work.

Functional, Other: This part covers other training material that are found necessary for the trainee to carry out his work efficiently and in a quality manner.